Practice these tips for great business results in Spain!

Spain remains one of the friendliest countries in Europe. It, therefore, is no surprise that several people consider the country as a great location to start a business. Different companies have been started and flourished in this county, user reviews on the companies from sites like OpinionesEspana can attest to this fact. 

Beyond the attitude of the natives, other factors should be considered before starting a business in Spain. Its economy, for instance, is not one of the best in Europe but is still strong enough for businesses to thrive, provided the needed work is put in. Starting a business could also involve details like where to get financial support and proper financial advice also. 

Certain business etiquettes are unique to Spain. These etiquettes should be practiced by businesses in Spain and will help promote the popularity and gain of that business. They are;

Dressing speaks a lot

As much as Spain is widely associated with flare and energy, their dressing style however speaks differently. The country tends towards being a bit more conservative with its dressing style. Colors and styles for a typical businessman in Spain are a bit toned down. This is the general style practice and having a business in Spain would require you to adapt to such working styles. 

On dressing also, dress styles are picked in line with the weather season. Therefore, no one expects you to go for thick dressing in summer times because it can get really hot then. 


As with many other countries, the workspace in Spain is still mostly dominated by men. It is not common being a woman in very senior positions as against being a man. However, in cases where women are found in such positions, they are respected the same way they would respect a male in that position. 

Lunchtime is highly rated

Lunchtime in Spain is an activity that cannot be easily glossed over. It is considered the main meal of the day and much importance is accorded to it as such. In cases where you choose to entertain a client over lunch, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time eating, conversing, and relaxing over that lunch period. Business talks themselves do not come up until much later during lunch. It is not strange for lunch to last over an hour in Spain. 

Background matters a lot

Private business in Spain is gradually becoming the order of the day. This does not however erase the traditional mindset of most of the older class of businessmen. These classes believe that who you are and how high up you are in the social ladder determines a lot in your business etiquette. Hence, when doing business with this set of people it is of great advantage if you do not forget this. 

Values are more important than position

As much as Spain places a lot of value on hierarchy, one thing it places more value on is the attitude and personality of the individual holding the position. So a CEO who is more relatable and with whom a working relationship is built earns more respect than one who just holds the title without a matching personality. In essence, a leader must show competency in the job and, more importantly, have great human skills before respect can be accorded. 

These tips and many others are very important to run a very successful business in Spain.